Additional services we provide

Aside from Valet Parking services, ParkAssist also specializes in the following:

Coat Checking
Car Parking
Managment of Parking Stations
Personal Driver

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Car Parking

We organize, configure and control the parking of closed or open spaces and delimited with billboards, strings, bars and cones.

We provide secure mounting of the vehicles and facilitation in the entrance & of the visitors. If required, we have the ability to configure VIP parking in the car park space, also to provide the possibility of parking the incoming vehicles in suggestion of space. Furthermore, we are able to manage the movement of vehicles and transport services in the appropriate spaces before and after the holding of exhibitions, conferences, events, concerts, etc.

Furthermore if the parking space is located far away from the event, we may provide you the tranfer of your guests / visitors to the event area and back, with our mini-vans.

We address to:

• Event Organizers,
• Multipurpose venues
• Super markets
• Hotels
• Exhibition Curators
• Conferences
• Concert Halls
• Caterings
• Shopping malls
• Any kind of stores
• Companies and individuals.

Management of Parking Stations

Our Company Park Assist can undertake the organization, operation and management of Parking Stations.

We also undertake the design, layout and converting spaces into Parking Stations, closed or open air of other companies or operators interests throughout Greece.

Furrthermore we compose and operate Parking Station, closed or open in hotels, sports facilities, multipurpose venues, concert halls on behalf of their respective companies.

Finaly we may rent and operate Parking Stations, indoors or open air int the Attica Basin.

Personal Driver

In addition to parking services, we provide Limo Services and we undertake the transfer of VIPs.

We own luxury cars, with trained Greek drivers to transport operators, businessmen, travelers and VIPs. Also for larger groups we have sophisticated Mini Vans, so do not hesitate to contact us to meet your needs, from one person to larger groups.